Fire and Rescue Australia Training specialises in emergency response training for emergency response teams across a variety of industries.

Technical Rope Rescue

Our Technical Rope Rescue courses are what we are most famous for at Fire and Rescue Australia Training. We offer everything from beginner and stand alone competencies, to some of the most advanced courses offered in the world.

Mining and Emergency Response

We have trained emergency response teams at mines all over Australia. We can offer specialised training sessions, skills maintenance or even the complete Certificate III in Mine Emergency Response and Rescue. We can also provide emergency personnel for emergency standby operations or short term contracts.

Petrochemical and Emergency Response

We have experience working with petrochemical fires and emergencies. We have trained emergency teams at oil and gas plants in both Australia and abroad.

Public Safety and Firefighting

We have been training fire departments at a national and international level since 1997. We can provide training for Cert II, III, IV in Public Safety (Firefighting and Emergency Operations) and skills maintenance for professional emergency teams.