Petrochemical and Emergency Response Competencies

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 – Operate breathing apparatus

MSMWHS217 – Gas test atmospheres

PMAWHS211 – Prepare equipment for emergency response

PMAWHS213 – Undertake fire control and emergency rescue

PMAWHS214 – Undertake helicopter safety and escape

PMAWHS311 – Lead emergency teams

PMAOMIR210 – Control evacuation to muster point

PMAOMIR301 – Undertake initial rescue

PMAOMIR317 – Facilitate search and rescue operations

PMAOMIR321 – Manage communication systems during an incident

PMAOMIR418 – Coordinate incident response

PMAOMIR430 – Conduct and assess incident exercises

PMAOMIR444 – Develop incident containment tactics

PMAOMIR512 – Establish incident response preparedness and response systems

PMASUP236 – Operate vehicles in the field