Rope Rescue – Beginner Instructor

This course has been developed to provide the trainee with sufficient personal skills to train personnel to an awareness level in rope rescue. It includes the ability of rescue of trapped students.

Course Content:

The following topics will be addressed

  • communication and command structure
  • teaching techniques
  • personal rope rescue skills
  • rudimentary rigging principles
  • rope/equipment management
  • knotcraft
  • climbing/downclimbing/general movement
  • abseiling
  • ascending a fixed rope
  • patient packaging/medical considerations
  • belaying
  • anchoring
  • pick offs
  • stretcher evacuations
  • high directionals
  • pulley systems

Course Length:

7 days

Entry Requirements:

Trainees are required to a pre-course assignment prior to the commencement of the course. The following competencies are also required:

PUASAR022A Public Safety Training Package

Nationally Recognised Competencies:

Part of Public Safety Training Package Unit PUASAR032A